Nigerian lives Matter: Covid-19 news

As it has been reported that this respiratory pandemic has been a deadly outbreak affecting the lives of those incontact with it.
Covid 19 has not only affected the health of nations but has also impacted on the economy and due to this, "Nigerian lives matter "decided to help & assist Nigerians who are living in South Africa and have no means of income due to lack of movement & shutting down of businesses ,by assisting them with Shoprite/Checkers vouchers of R250 during this season.

A great amount of gratitude has been shown to the Founder of Nigerian lives matters. Mr Lookman Adebowale Adesina commonly known as Prince Debo ADESINA who instituted the great idea to support and implement plans to help Nigerians during such times of adversities , gratitude & Thanks giving were made by fellow nigerians who received the vouchers. One of the interviewed recipients who asked to remain anonymous said "
We hope and pray that this season passes us by unharmed and we thank the grace of God for making provision for us under such troubled times"

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