#Black lives matter


Black Is Not Just A Colour, Black Is An Attitude, An Attitude That Expresses Strength And Dignity…
From The Darkest Potion Of The Soil Formed The Black,
The Wise King Solomon Is A Black Man
There Are A Lot Of Successful Black In The World, Blacks Are Risk Takers, We Had An Interview With A Tattooist, He Said That The Skin Of A Black Person Is Thicker Than That Of Any Other Race,  Further Starting, The Black Man's Skin Is Thicker To Pierce, The Sun Shines On All But To The Black Man's Skin The Heat Of The Sun Is Nutritious, Another Researcher Started That There Is More Than 9 Layers Of Flesh On The Black Man's Skin Than Any Other Race, Injuries On The Black Skin Reals Rapidly Than Any Other Race, The Black Man Takes Pride In His Blood, Sweat And Tears.

From Dust To Dusk The Significant Of The Black Race Will Never Fade Off The Surface Of The Earth, His Impact Never Wears Out.

We Have More Record Of Slavery Amongst The Black Communities, Who Were Taken To Foreign Lands To Help Them Build Their Nation, Because Of The Effectiveness Of The Black, The Human Trade Of Blacks Boomed With Success, The Introduction Of Money In The Early Century Enhanced The Human Trafficking Of The Black.
There Has Been An Undisputed Injustice Against The Black Race, Perhaps The World Is Intimidated By The Capacity Of The Black Man's Ability…

But Today What happened Recently Across the US, people of all ages knelt down and raised clenched fists in a mark of support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and in remembrance of George Floyd.

At evening campaign group Stand Up to Racism and organised a peaceful and socially-distanced protest titled “TakeTheKnee

In The Uk, More than 200 children and adults gathered in Windrush Square, Brixton, holding signs reading: “BLM” and “Say no to racism,” as activists called out: “No justice, no peace.”

The group urged supporters to push for societal change and “demand justice for those who have died because of institutional racism.”

Elsewhere in the capital, Even The Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta and his players offered their own tribute across the pitch of the Emirates stadium before friendly match against Brentford.

Most importantly let’s understand that not just black life’s matter but all lives regards of color/ ethnicity/race or country all our lives matter. Let’s love and protect ourselves together.

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