The Nigerian Lives Matters founded by Prince Debo Adesina, is a Non-Profit Organisation registered in South Africa to provide advocacy and support for the Nigerian community in South Africa.
We are devoted to helping Nigerians in South Africa to become better representation of the true Nigerian Identity. We believe that by advocating change in our communities we can restore the battered image of the great country Nigeria and provide better conditions for Nigerians to live with South Africans peacefully. 


In order to achieve our aim, here are a few of our objectives:

Community engagements and humanitarian service.

The NLM community will seek to create opportunities for Nigerians from every sphere to interact and engage with themselves and with members of the South African community. 

Skill training and capacity development.

The provision of skill training and capacity development to the less privileged serves as part of the NLM agenda to eliminate extreme poverty. This is in line with the UN SDG 1. 

Campaign against drugs and crime.

We provide help and rehabilitation for drug abusers who are in recovery from addiction and substance abuse.

Advocacy for the rights and safety of endangered Nigerians.

NLM advocates justice and fair treatment for Nigerians in diaspora with focus on South Africa. This supports the UN SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Facilitation of professional services and support to help Nigerians in distress.

In order to improve support systems available to Nigerians, we connect our members with top professionals and experts for subsidised or free consultations.  


We are committed to delivering on our objectives by seeking the support and collaboration with the Nigerian Consulate, the African Disapora Forum, All Nigerian Lives Matter Stakeholders and Professionals, the Press and Community leaders and all indigenous Nigerians living in South Africa.
Prince Adesina
A Nigerian security expert based in South Africa, Prince Debo Adesina, yesterday called for the enactment of a law that would allow Nigerians abroad vote in elections.


Nigeria’s Lookman Adebowale Adesina popularly known as Prince Adeshina has become the new face of Immigrants in South Africa.


Meet the Team

We are a group of concerned Nigerians making a change in our community.


Public Relations & Media

Prince Debo Adesina



Public Relations & Media
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